Thursday, July 16, 2009

what a boring friday......

today we need not to attend our classes cz our lectures r having their vacation to cherating
it seems lk we should shout " yeah!!!!!"
but it turns out to "oh no" cz de computer lab n de library(actually these r de 2 places tat we can go in ktt) r closeed
so no internet n no chatting
n so i do nothing in my apartment
1 hour seems like 4 hours
what makes de situation worse is tat my housemates r going back to their lovely home
so left me alone nia
then i began to visit my fren de apartment n talking craps
n u know what happens?
my fren say i m very ji zha n make them cant concentrate on their studies
actually every1 here is very hardworking n u can always see them piahceking at their table
so i m very stressed seeing them lo n compared to them i m lazy cz i read a little
this tuesday my fren asked me to climb de hill n below r de pics taken at de peak
our 'lovely' college

our living room with 4 study tables

my messy room but now it is very tidy le

enchanting view from de top of de hill

edwin,me,alvin n mei ling

pics taken when nothing to do

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not ok titi

Ktt really not ok
its name-kay titi seems to be ok, titi but haiz it is located in de rural area u know?
ktt is smaller than our school n it really lacks facilities
u know?de classroom is below our apartment only
no need to travel by bus to college lk xiao fen n all others in intec
i dun know anybody at ktt n u know la it is very difficult lo
need to start all over again
as all ppl r unique,then i really cant find zhi xin fren here
maybe only 1 week nia la,after tat maybe got la
now i only realise tat my fren r really good lk kevin, xiao fen, chong wei, zheng hang, ben, pen yiao n many more
actually our school got 1 senior come to ktt last year
but she is waiting to fly to indon le
her name is bing en n she is verry talkactive just lk me lo
ktt only has 2 kafeteria nia so eat 1 week ady sien le
1 more thing to mention here is there ir really many sarawakians n sabahans here
n tat i dun hav de chance to speak chinese here
just bm n bi nia
n when i speak to malay in malay, it is damn difficult
n maybe de listener also susah cz they dun know wat i m talking about
i only take 4 subjects for my a level
3 sciences n 1 maths
n i need to get at least band 6.5 to pass my IELTS test
my eng becomes lame now cz i din touch eng for dun know how long le
really hope tat when i speak more eng here after 1 year my eng ll become fluent le
jpa really sends many ppl to india
for india medic there r 113 ppl
n for my course jpa ady sends 69 ppl out of 100 ppl doing dentistry in india
so wat i m trying to say is jeff n jin tsae u 2 really fortunate
chong wei, chueh wah, ben n many more in kmk make me envious nia
they r verry rapat n can do things together
but going to india got 1 advantage lo
no need to be interviewed n pass entrance exam
just get 3 B's for a level
ktt has no advantages
n de only advantage here maybe i m more healthy cz got fresh air
i wan to post de pics here de but forget to bring my usb cable to de library
i ll post it in my blog when i m free

Friday, June 26, 2009


today i m very happy cz i was able to 'recontact' my primary school de frenz
i hav lost contact with them since 2002 when i was studying in sjk (c) serdang in kedah
now 2009 le i baru manage to get in touch again
wow 7 years le
actually i just simply type their names in facebook n u know wat?
i saw their pics clearly n i still can recognise them
after one of them accepted my fren request, i managed to get her hp no and bla bla bla
i managed to collect almost my primary 5's classmates'hp no.
then i picked up one of my best frenz and tried to sms her
wow she replied me immediately and i got to know her again
but becz of i m lazy to sms, i phoned her house lo
at first, i was quite embarrassed while talking to her since we din talk for so many years le
'halo, may i talk to ng XX?'
'halo, u r ng XX, rite?'
'y yr voice become so mature de?haha'
'same to u ma'
n bla bla bla
n u know wat?
we talked for about 4 hours thru de phone
since both of us r de 'chattiest' in our class
she asked all things regarding me
n i did de same thing
i was really shocked when she told me tat 4 ppl from my primary 5 class got jpa scholarship
wat a great sum cz our class just comprised of 28 ppl nia
de first 1 is me lo
she got aus pharmacy lo
1 gal got aus accounting lo
n de last 1 got uk business but she is not going cz she wan to be a doc
wow my 5H class is a good quality class cz it produces so many jpa scholars(kidding la i m not arrogant de la haha)
in de phone, we even talked about how we look like now
n all de stuffs regarding our secondary school
but she ll be leaving to intec in shah alam on 28 june le
so i cant meet her and my old frenz le
but nvm la
maybe someday i ll bump into them le?
let our yuan fen decide......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Going to India!!!!!

really thx god tat i manage to secure de jpa scholarship
still cant forget 8 may, de day i got jpa
i screamed for almost 5 minutes after checking de jpa results too excited!
since then, i began to think of wat country i m heading to-nz, aus, ireland, india or uk(uk=impossible)
my dad asked me wat country i would like to go n i answered all also can except india
then on 1 june at 8 pm when i was dreaming of ireland and all its enchanting scenery, my dad suddenly woke me up and said tat i got india!!!!!
wat???i got india???my hope was shattered and at tat time i totally cant accept this dun know bad or good news
so de whole day i m not happy although my dad brought me 4 a vacation in cameron
haiz i cant do anything bt to accept de truth
really wan to cry bt i din cry cz i know tat de truth cant be changed le plus
de allowance given to me in india is USD700 which is equal to RM2450!
wow!!!wat a great sum of money
so i din cry le and instead i began to feel very happy haha
m i money-faced?
they said with Rm 2450 i can even hire a maid to cook 4 me and do all de chores 4 me haha
is it de advantage of going to india?
or m i comforting myself 4 not getting ireland which i have always dreamt of?
so i m going to do my A-level in ktt in sepang this 6 july
i m sure u all dun hear about ktt b4 cz ktt is really really not famous
ktt is kolej teknologi timur and in sepang(dun know my eardrums ll be hurt or not)
ktt only consists og 2 rows of shophouses and it is really small
aiya dun know how my life would be in ktt
our school only jia wern and i r going to ktt
if la ha if she dun wan to go, then only i ll go there lo
i ll be alone lo but nvm la cz can make new frens there

see how beautiful is India!(trying to comfort myself)